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photo courtesy of All About Migraine

photo courtesy of All About Migraine

On December 10 Teri Robert posted an excellent post concerning the difference between Migraine and tension-type headache. Dr. Robert Lipton, one of the nation’s top headache experts presented a clear picture of the difference between the two.

That said, after the YouTube video ends, there are slides on the bottom of the screen that have titles, such as “How to Cure a Migraine Headache Naturally”Cure for Migraines, and Migraines: EFT Tapping Releases Root Cause Part 1. The last one has Michelle explaining what a Migraine is. She has her facts straight about the signs and symptoms or Migraine, but that is about all that is correct in this video clip. She states that right-sided Migraine is a masculine energy relating to past experiences. The opposite is true for left-sided Migraine. Steam started to flow from my ears when I heard:

The body mind connection for migraine [no capital here. This description doesn’t deserve it] has to do with meeting demands and the feeling of not being able to fulfill them. Now we have to ask ourselves why we want to avoid these demands in the first place…..by manifesting a migraine we have a way to take a time out and get extra love and attention.

Right, as if I would conjure up a Migraine so I can miss my son’s graduation party. That was enough for me. I couldn’t listen any more.

Here’s another one: Possible Cure for Migraine

Migraines are very debilitating. I have cured lots of them. Many of them come from guilt that you’ve laid on yourself.

The gentleman then promised that all of the negative input I have concerning Migraine will “be forever disconnected when I sound the buzzer”.  He then sounded a buzzer and said “disconnect”.  I guess now my migraines are cured. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so pathetic.

So gentle reader, be careful. Just because one YouTube video in a series is valuable, doesn’t mean that all of them are.

Have an AWAP day,


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June 1-7 is National Headache Awareness Week. Several activities and lectures are being held in several cities around the country. There are also several podcasts scheduled for this week. Today’s is about Migraines and Contraception. Check the NHF website for more podcasts. They change daily.

There is also a section where headache specialists answer questions that were previously submitted. There is a part one and a part two. There may be more throughout the week.

Check out other blogs on this subject: a representative from NHF, My Life With Migraine, Teri Robert, The Migraine Girl,and many more.

Also, NHF has started a channel on YouTube. There are 8 videos: Headache Overview, Tension Headache, Migraine Headache, Secondary Headache, Partnering with Your Physician, Primary vs. Secondary Headache, Headache: What Type Is Yours?, and Migraine and Stroke.

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