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I have been blogging about Migraine disease (MD) since March and I just realized that I have solidified my goals for this blog. In my Introduction, Ididn’t think the blog would be all about MD or my journey with it. But, now I see that my intention is to encourage you, educate you and your support team, and empower you as you travel through life with MD.

I am a closet writer, a researcher, and I have a story to tell. It is a story full of pitfalls, bumps, and mistakes, but I believe that it is a story you can learn from and appreciate how far Migraine research and treatments have come in the last 35 years. Consider the triptan breakthrough in 1992 and the paradigm shifts from pallative care to treatment to prevention. We now have the ability to prevent Migraine attacks with medications like Topamax and Depakote!
I blog about Migraine disease so you can find support and information at a click of a mouse. I want Down the Rabbit Hole: A Journey of a Migraineur to become a library of resources and information on the latest treatments. I want to arm you with enough accurate information about MD so that you can be an active partner in your treatment team. I would like you to learn from my mistakes, to take ownership of your health, and to live as well as possible.

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