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Hello, gentle readers. Please excuse my absence from the blog world. Unfortunately, life interrupted my plans and my dear husband and I had to make an unexpected trip to PA. For the last month, instead of searching the web for new Migraine treatments, I was learning all I could about astrocytomas, radiation, and chemotherapy. When the dust settled, all ended ok.  “Benign” is what most people would prefer, but we heard  “malignant” , instead.

However, this was not as dark and desperate as it could have been. The patient is young and the tumor was removed completely. Chemo course is half what most people have to endure.

So now that the worst is behind us, I turn my focus to Migraine. Two articles have been recently published concerning the relation between Migraine and depression. Migraine and depression are comorbid diseases (as any migraineur can attest), but evidently the etiologiy has not been studied. Both of these studies are so new that they are currently not available. Look for updates.

In other news, Lynne Greenberg published her memoir, The Body Broken: A Memoir. I have not yet read the book, but Diana Lee’s post and the exerpt on Amazon were enough to get me to buy the book.

MediClim.com, a website that offers free information regarding the weather and chronic health condidtions. Sign up for the free service and you will get an email a day prior to weather changes that may affect your Migraine disease. Migraineurs could request time off in advance instead of waiting for the Migraine to strike. There are forums available. I joined.

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