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photo courtesy of All About Migraine

photo courtesy of All About Migraine

So often the image of a Migraine is a woman, like the one to the left, rubbing her head and with her brow knit in severe pain. I had a Migraine today. It was different from the usual “Where is the nearest cave so I can die in peace?” type Migraines. In fact, if I had told someone that I had a Migraine, I am not sure how believable I would have sounded. It was different because my head didn’t hurt that much.

 However, I couldn’t work. I couldn’t focus on what I was doing. I was lethargic; all I wanted to do was curl up in a chair with a cup of tea and be a vegetable for a while. Oh, even though I swore I would not take a triptan unless my pain exceeded a 5, I succumbed to both the triptan and my awaiting chair.

All this got me thinking. Migraineurs rightly say that Migraine is NOT a bad headache, but when I ran a search for Migraine images nearly all of them emphasized the head pain. I am wondering if the image of Migraine as being “just a bad headache” would change if Migraineurs, doctors, and drug companies would emphasize some of the other common symptoms. Just a thought; what do you think?

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